Friday, 18 December 2009


Little Miss Junior has had a busy week, and has seen her new friend Santa all over London!

First stop was Harrods children’s clothes floor for a spot of designer Christmas party outfit shopping. As she was browsing through the sparkly sequin dresses Little Miss J spotted a glittering green grotto. Lo and behold, as she approached she saw that it was the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz, and sitting in the middle was Santa. After a lovely chat, where Santa established that Little Miss J had been a good girl and really did deserve that faux fur muffler she had had her eyes on earlier, he gave her a signed copy of The Wizard of Oz and a massive chocolate coin. What a way to start the festive season!

Next up was Selfridges, because Little Miss J had heard that they had face-painting and pantomime performances in the Children’s department. Never one to miss out on a bit of glitz and glam she quickly trotted up before all the glitter paint ran out. On her way in she noticed a train moving through the store, and jumped on. She ended up in another Grotto and saw her friend Santa again. They had a quick photo before Little Miss J got hungry. So she said her goodbyes and went off in search of a filling festive meal.

She’d heard that the Rainforest CafĂ© had a new resident – Santa in his grotto! So she jumped in a cab (it had started to snow and the moisture plays havoc with her hair) to Shaftesbury Avenue. Just as she was tucking into her banana split dessert she heard a familiar ‘HoHoHo” and followed the noise through the frozen rainforest, where she found an elf who showed her to the grotto. She had one final chat with Santa who promised Little Miss J would get her heart’s desire on Christmas day. Before she left, Santa gave her the cutest little soft toy reindeer, then she stepped back out into a snowy London.