Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Little Miss Junior’s Week in Fashion

Tuesday - Little Miss Junior tries on the recession and likes it

Today Little Miss Junior ventured out to see what’s happening on the high street. Being mindful of the pennies, Little Miss J had to catch something called a bus then a train, as her chauffer was on strike - bloody interns! Four hours later, rather hot and crumpled, she arrived at her first press day: Tesco! Little Miss J loves Tesco, ever since they collaborated with designer ‘Elspeth Gibson’ to produce delightful party dresses for next to nothing. For spring she also adored the funky baseball boots in grey with Las Vegas blazoned across them.

Boden was next on the list, set in the charming location of Chiltern Studios in Marylebone. The collection was brimming with beautiful prints, bold polka dots, star hoodies and budding buds patterned over sundresses, raincoats, shoppers and trainers. The brownies were good too. Centre to the clothes was a large Indian parrot; Little Miss J loved Mr P until he chirped “Get Lost” rather loudly. Within walking distance was Marks & Spencers, who had dedicated a whole press day to the pursuits of pregnancy, baby and childrenswear. Little Miss J pre-ordered the sweet sun dress in grey with Indian beading, beyond! Last visit of the day was Littlewoods who have brought in the Ladybird label, which was originally with Woolworths and what an improvement! Lots of cool sports wear, distressed denim, plus she received a lovely portable DVD player in her goody bag.

Wednesday– Little Miss Junior Goes to Paris

A prompt 7 o’clock start, Little Miss Junior, awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and jumped into her armoured Mercedes and heads to St Pancras to catch Eurostar to Paris. Wearing her chic Monalisa dress coat and D&G handbag and of course not forgetting her polka dot beret, Tre’s chic – non? Today she is interviewing Mr Serge Cajfinger, the founder of Paule Ka.

Paule Ka has been a favourite of Little Miss Junior’s mother, Madame Junior. But they had yet to introduce a childrenswear collection, until today, their official launch and collaboration with La Redoute. At lunchtime, Little Mis J meets Mr. Cajfinger in a beautiful townhouse in the centre of Paris to ask some important questions “ I love the white and black pleated dress, with bow and the denim A-line dress, plus the blue slip dress with black trims. Can I order those, pretty please?’ Little Miss J also excitedly finds out that Paule Ka mainline are also planning a possible girlswear collection, for which she is the muse! Adorable.

Thursday Little Miss Junior Needs to wear glasses

Little Miss Junior was very upset to find out that she may need glasses “How unfashionable” she had sulked. “I’m going to look like the biggest geek ever”. Her feelings soon changed when she spotted her old school chum Albert Cocker all over the style pages wearing his frames “Geek is now cool” she declared. Today, she booked an appointment to meet her favorite glasses company Zoobug, who have launched an adorable collection. Dr Julie Diem Le is an expert optician and founder of Zoobug, so Little Miss J was in good hands. Dr Julie Diem Le suggested she get the ultra cool Harley Design “Not out in the shops yet, but you can have them first”. Litte Miss J looked adorable; chocolate brown frames really do bring out the colour of her eyes.