Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little Miss Junior visits the new pop-up Merci store at Liberty

Today Little Miss Junior decided to wear black, knowing that she was going to be surrounded by an abundance of floral Liberty prints. “I just can’t bear it when editors dress in accordance to the occasion, so déclassé”. Jumping out of her chauffeured Mercedes on Regent Street, Little Miss J headed straight through the hordes of shoppers to meet her personal shopper. “Franny can you show me around? I want exclusives”. Merci, is one of Little Miss J’s favorite destinations in Paris, opened last year by the founder of Bonpoint, Marie France Cohen. After ordering the cute Liberty print summer playsuit, the hair bows, the gorgeous ruffled waistcoat and the overly-fabulous mini-suitcase, Little Miss J rushes back to her car, dragging Franny with her “ Franny we really need to go and sort out my summer order at Bonpoint, spring is almost over”.

Merci at Liberty opens on 8th March and continues until 1st April