Thursday, 21 January 2010

Little Miss Junior visits Kleine Fabriek 10th edition

At 5 am on Sunday morning I receive a text message stating that my flight has been cancelled, due to adverse weather conditions, my hopes of attending Amsterdam’s famous children’s fashion fair Kleine Fabriek’s 10th edition are dashed. Luckily, later that day (after declaring that I am a very important journalist on a crucial trip) I managed to blag a flight. I arrive in a very snowy Amsterdam, almost a day late, missing the fairs Sunday opening. Monday morning, I was greeted by a picturesque Amsterdam covered in white stuff, a day in the snow for some, building snowmen and riding sledges , but I have more serious matters in mind.

The entrance to Kleine Fabriek is decorated in beautiful blue flowers and giant pigs. On the upper floor, giant crocodile sculptures lounge about. In fact in every corner or meeting point, there is a novel design strategically placed to amuse visitors.

This season there are over a hundred exciting new brands at Kleine Fabriek. Amongst the highlights were the modern jersey offerings from Bang Bang Copenhagen (slightly Bernhard Willhelm for children) or Bobo Choses surrealist prints, covering baby stretch suits, tees and pants. Bakker Made With Love presented a strong collection of brightly coloured outfits in bold primary’s, cute sequined pinafore dresses and a large collection of adorable bags, brief cases, packs, handbags, all shaded in brights or vintage fifties wallpaper prints. The general immediate trend from just merely passing by the stands was standout prints, whether inspired by Liberty as seen at Janvier’s pretty accessories, African patterns, presented by Lets Dress who work with Gambien craftswomen and cubist style designs at Nina Hollen, all styled to clash and mismatch.

The influence of my fellow mini fashionista Little Miss Cruise was everywhere. Several stands had appropriated Suri’s famous dancing heels, conservative day dresses and tulle skirts all look very Suri. Ollily who had chosen to relaunch at the fair had practically dedicated their whole collection to everything Little Miss Cruise.

While dresses were the girls outfit of choice , this seasons coat was not surprisingly the dress coat. I Love Gorgeous presented a beautiful Tailored dress coat in grey wool. Other coats, were the padded jacket, resurfacing again for this season with brands such as Finger in the Nose and Swart. As my tummy started to rumble, I headed to a special lunch to celebrate the anniversary of the 10th Kleine Fabriek. We all sang happy birthday and how kind of them, they let me blow out the candles.