Friday, 9 October 2009

When Iggy met Ziggy

How cool is this? Rock stars David Bowie and Iggy Pop are to join the elite rank of LEGO mini figures - whose number already includes Indiana Jones and Darth Vader - in the new LEGO Rock Band game.
The animated Iggy explodes typically shirtless to show off that toned torso with all his trademark intensity wearing only a bandage and blue skinny trousers, whilst Bowie is debonair in a demure white shirt with open bow tie, braces, beige trousers - and great attention to detail with his distinctive one green eye and one brown.
The new LEGO Rock Band is compatible with existing Guitar Hero and Rock Band consoles, and features classic rock and pop hits such as Bowies Let's Dance and Iggy's The Passenger.
The inclusion of a new 'Super Easy' mode also ensures younger rockstars (the ones who can stand up long enough to hold a guitar) can also take centre stage (when Daddy will allow it).
LEGO Rock Band is available on Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & DS in November.